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Stylish Diaper Bags + The Best Tote Organizer

A question that always seem to come up between expecting mothers, or one that I tend to get asked relatively often: What diaper bag am I planning to use?

As I did with Nate, I plan to use my Goyard GM tote (mainly) and a few other totes that I own. I never really found a diaper bag that I truly loved, so this helps me still feel stylish when lugging around diapers and other odds and ends. The only downfall of using a non-diaper bag tote – it tends to turn into a big black hole, making it pretty hard to stay organized. Insert the best solution for this: a ToteSavvy Organizer. Their organizers are made up of several handy compartments, making it significantly easier to carry diapers, bottles, onesies, snacks and other odds & ends you may need. For stylish diaper bags, I like the deluxe version but they do have three different sizes. I highly recommend one if you’re wanting to carry a bag you currently own, but need a little organizational help.

Also, diaper bags aside, the inserts are also the best solution for travel, especially when you’re carrying a laptop, documents, snacks…  etc! They really could be used for anything but in my current life situation, it’s such a great mom hack.

Below are a few great totes that would work well with the ToteSavvy Organizer:

1. Madewell Classic Transport Tote ($168)

2. Everlane Day Market Tote ($175)

3. Madewell Zip Top Transport Leather Tote ($188)

4. Cuyana Structured Leather Tote ($195)

5. Goyard Goyardine St. Louis PM (~$1.5k)

Thank you to ToteSavvy for sponsoring this post.

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