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Is It Safe To Use Body Scrubs During Pregnancy?

Were you particular about your grooming before you got pregnant? Are you planning to pamper your skin with a body scrub? Well, grooming is a great idea to beat the pregnancy blues!

A spa session can lift your spirits and rejuvenate your appearance. But is it safe to use a body scrub during pregnancy? Well, go ahead and find out in this post!

Pregnancy comes bundled with a number of body changes, and they’re not just external, but internal as well. A little grooming session can make you more confident to deal with the infinite changes in your body. Read to know more about scrubs for pregnancy.

How Does A Body Scrub Work?

A layer of dead cells covers the skin of the entire body. It leaves the skin looking dark, dull and lifeless. Body scrubs gently remove the layer of dead cells and improve skin renewal, thereby lending you that ‘natural radiance’ and ‘silky softness’.

Using them occasionally can also reduce the dark spots. Also, exfoliation tends to improve blood circulation. It also allows the moisture to penetrate and nourish the skin.

Is It Safe To Use A Body Scrub During Pregnancy?

Most experts believe that body scrubs are safe for use during pregnancy. You can use salt or sugar-based body scrubs during your pregnancy period without any risk to your baby. Your skin does not deeply absorb salt and sugar, which is why it is quite safe to use them. Avoid salt based body scrubs, if your skin is sensitive and stressed, since it tends to break the smaller blood vessels.

Tips On How To Use A Body Scrub While Pregnant

While it is almost entirely safe to use body scrubs during pregnancy, there are a few important things you must keep in mind.

  • If your scrub contains harmful chemicals, your skin may absorb it and lead to fetal complications. Check the label before you pick up a scrub from the supermarket.
  • So go natural and organic to pamper your skin! You can also try homemade scrubs that won’t harm your baby and leave your skin glowing too! Sugar and salt-based scrubs that have some emollients work wonders for your skin!
  • Gently massage the body scrub, particularly during pregnancy. It is important to keep in mind that body scrubs contain granules, and rubbing it too harshly on your delicate skin could injure it. After all you are looking to add some glow to your skin and not bruises!
  • Avoid the use of Aloe Vera lotions, scrubs, and products as it may lead to birth defects.
  • Make use of gentle exfoliating agents such as jojoba beads or other ground seeds to scrub your skin clean.
  • Avoid using body scrubs that have essential oils that stimulate menstrual flow. Avoid scrubs that contain angelica, chamomile, cinnamon, ginger, jasmine, peppermint, rosemary and rose
  • Avoid using body scrubs that contain essential oils that tend to irritate or sensitize the skin or are toxic. You can avoid scrubs that contain aniseed, almond, basil, black pepper, camphor, clove, fennel, lemon, lemongrass, pine, and wintergreen. It may be a good idea to have your doctor’s suggestion on this one.
  • A grooming session may help you beat the pregnancy blues and take the changes in your appearance in your stride. However, play safe and avoid using any commercial products that may be toxic. Any laxity on your part during this delicate phase may take a toll on your baby’s well-being. You may give your scrubbing session a miss as your pregnancy may be already adding luminescence to your visage!

If you used pregnancy body scrubs already, please share your experience here. Also, tell us if you know any best homemade body scrub for pregnant women.

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