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7 Ways To Help A Pregnant Mama During Her Last Weeks Of Pregnancy

It’s exciting to be the sister, friend or colleague of someone who’s having a baby, especially in the last weeks of pregnancy.

There’s a lot of anticipation around the birth.

You can’t wait to meet that little person and have a cuddle.

Newborns are incredibly adorable and snuggly, so it’s definitely something to look forward to.

But mama has a few weeks to go before she’s likely to give birth. She’s probably feeling tired and a little over it by this stage.

And if the truth be told, she’s probably feeling pretty emotional.

7 Ways To Help A Pregnant Mama During Her Last Weeks Of Pregnancy

The final weeks of pregnancy can be tough, even for women who have made pregnancy look easy.

Your pregnant friend might not ask for help but she needs you right now. She needs support and encouragement and probably a few practical things too.

Here are 7 ways you can help your pregnant friend during her last weeks of pregnancy:

#1: Help Her Get Ready

There’s quite a lot to organise when you’re expecting a baby. She’ll have to think about things like car seats, where the baby will sleep, having enough nappies, and building the nursery furniture. What about a nursing pump? And will the baby really need this many singlets?

Not to mention what the new mama herself will need after baby is born!

Be a friend and ask what needs to be done to help your pregnant friend to feel prepared for the birth of her baby.

You could help her pack her hospital bag, or spend hours discussing with her the relative merits of this pram or that.

Her to-do list is probably a mile long. Having someone lend a practical hand or emotional support as she works through it will be a big help.

#2: Offer To Get The Groceries

There is nothing fun about being heavily pregnant and trying to navigate a heavily laden trolley of groceries out to the car.

Tell your pregnant friend to make a list, including her preferred shops and brands, and head off to the supermarket for her.

Arrange a time to deliver groceries and stack them in her cupboard. Having this one chore taken care of each week will be a huge relief.

#3: Take Her Out

If your pregnant friend is feeling a little trapped in the same four walls, plan some distraction by taking her out. Check out whether there are any local events, or things she’d love to see – perhaps an exhibition or a film.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Even a drive to the local café or a wander through the nearest large shopping mall is at least a change of scenery.

#4: Organise A Meal Bank

This is highly recommended. It’s a great help right after baby is born, but your pregnant friend will also love having a stash of freezer meals to fall back on whenever she’s tired and her feet hurt.

You can make extra dishes at home and take them over so she can reheat them whenever she needs a meal.

Or you could mobilise others to do a big cook up at her place, and stock up her freezer.

This is also a fun way for your pregnant friend to socialise. She can relax with her feet up and feel cherished.

#5: Sort Out Some Her Time

Remember, in the not too distant future, your pregnant friend is barely going to have time to take a shower and wash her hair.

Any time to herself now is precious. And that doesn’t necessarily mean sending her on an all expenses paid resort holiday (although that would be nice!).

If she has older children, offer to babysit while your pregnant friend catches up on some sleep or soaks in a luxurious bath.

#6: Lend An Ear

You might have already discovered this: pregnancy brings a lot of emotions with it. Your pregnant friend is probably experiencing some pretty intense feelings by now. The impending birth and the idea of parenthood are now more than just ideas, but almost a reality.

Your friend needs someone to bounce all her fears, concerns, happiness and excitement off, so she doesn’t end up a big messy ball of emotions. She will really appreciate you lending an ear and listening to her as she processes everything.

#7: Organise Maternity Photos

Chances are, your pregnant friend has taken belly shots while in front of her bathroom mirror. How about suggesting you take some for her? Professional images are lovely, and can be a great gift, but just offering to take some nice photos of her and her beautiful belly would be a really good way to make her feel special.

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