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Is This The Worst Baby Shower Card In The World?

You know that feeling you get when you attend a perfectly co-ordinated baby shower with pristine white onesies hung up on the walls?

That knowing feeling of ‘you have no idea what you’re letting yourself in for’.

The impulse to snicker as you listen to the mama-to-be talking about how babies spend most of the day sleeping anyway, and how she’s going to take up gardening during her maternity leave.

Well, now there’s a baby shower card that can pop that idealistic bubble, in a nice way of course.

After all, it’s important to be realistic on your journey to parenthood. If you’re not expecting your baby to cry much, it’s going to be one heck of a shock when you are forced to spend two consecutive hours desperately trying to soothe your inconsolable child.

The World’s Worst Baby Shower Card. Ever.

Joker Greeting came up with the perfect way to add a dash of realism to any baby shower.

Their hilarious (and, admittedly, cruel) new baby shower card is guaranteed to ruin any baby shower. On first inspection, the card looks innocent enough. The words “A baby is God’s sweetest gift” appears above a peaceful image of a beautiful sleeping baby. When the mama-to-be opens the card to read your heartwarming hand-written message, the card will start to cry.

Yep, once opened, the card lets out a newborn cry.

Cruel, right? Well it gets worse. The card won’t stop crying for three hours. Yes, you read that right. It doesn’t matter whether the card is open or closed, the crying sound will continue for the full three hours.

Should the mama-to-be be foolish enough to try and stop it by, say, pressing the button, the cry will get louder. This one probably isn’t going in the box of baby shower memories along with all the other cards. In fact, it’ll probably end up in the garden bin before the party’s over.

This is the perfect gift for your good-humoured friend who laughs at everything, but probably not a great idea for the sensitive friend who is truly terrified of becoming a mother. Also, it’s worth remembering for when your arch nemesis (come on, we all have one) gets knocked up.

Check out the following video for a little preview of the crying. And remember, if you buy the card, the crying continues for three hours. If you can’t make it till the end of this three minute video clip, it’s probably not the card for you:

If you like the idea of a baby shower gift referring to God but prefer to choose the save option, check out Gift Guides by God’s Fingerprints (go to ‘For Kids’ section).

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