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@Girls, Please Help Me!!

Dear girls, I'm 17 years old, and my boyfriend is 19 years old. I am supposed to start my cycle within the next few days but me andmy boyfriend have had unprotected sex and he came in me. I am on the birth control pill but is there a chance I could be pregnant still? Please help us!

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  • Imama Naveed

    Imama Naveed

    2020-01-20 04:37:24

    I don’t think so.. but it’s better to do a test right away..

  • Ndeyikola Naunkunda

    Ndeyikola Naunkunda

    2020-01-20 05:09:44

    I very much doubt it..

  • Lala


    2020-01-20 11:19:53

    you should be fine..

  • Ashley


    2020-01-20 12:58:37

    you can only if your on an antibiotic.

  • Joanna Petrozzelli

    Joanna Petrozzelli

    2020-01-20 20:31:01

    Very unlikely

  • Dontaiya Keshay Morgan

    Dontaiya Keshay Morgan

    2020-01-20 20:31:24

    Yeah you should be fine

  • Susan Do

    Susan Do

    2020-01-20 20:31:31

    If your cycle doesn’t start when it should be I would take a test. It’s very unlikely but it can still happen.

  • Bebe


    2020-01-20 20:31:40

    I’m sure you’re ok as long as you’re taking your pills everyday on time at the same time

  • Kathy Baltodano

    Kathy Baltodano

    2020-01-20 20:31:42


  • Amber Ritchie

    Amber Ritchie

    2020-01-20 20:31:51

    How long have you been on the pill?

  • Morgan Cataquet

    Morgan Cataquet

    2020-01-20 20:32:16

    If you’re in birth control and you took it the day you had unprotected sex you won’t be pregnant ,

  • iamAna_16 forever

    iamAna_16 forever

    2020-01-20 20:32:22

    There’s always a chance especially if you missed pills or few minutes off from the other times you’ve taken it etc but just test

  • Celeste Tompkins

    Celeste Tompkins

    2020-01-20 20:32:23

    Check a week after ur missed period that's what I do cuz sometimes I'm late and I when our condom broke I was a week late and took it and take the test in the morning when u first go to the bath room it will be more accurate

  • Ciara Jackson

    Ciara Jackson

    2020-01-20 20:32:24

    No but u can get pregnant on the pill u still should buy a text or go to the obgyn and find out for sure I had this same scare a few months ago on the pill as well thank good it was negative I actually wanted a baby with that fool smh best luck

  • Cameron McCoy

    Cameron McCoy

    2020-01-20 20:32:30

    you should be okay... if it was within 3 days take plan b if not just don’t stress about it cause the more u stress the better chance your period will be late and then you’ll be scaring yourself for no reason

  • Lacy Rain

    Lacy Rain

    2020-01-20 20:32:42

    With any kind of birth control you always take the risk of getting pregnant the pill is least affective but not likely

  • Libby Valentin

    Libby Valentin

    2020-01-20 20:32:59

    Hopefully you didn’t forget any of the pills. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  • Qituwra Alexander

    Qituwra Alexander

    2020-01-20 20:34:20

    PLAN B

  • Amber Ritchie

    Amber Ritchie

    2020-01-20 20:35:23

    Y’all seriously don’t understand! It matters how long she’s been on the pill! Like really wtf isint that the first question you ask her?

  • Kaitlyn Reed

    Kaitlyn Reed

    2020-01-20 21:31:44

    Yes the pill isn’t always a hundred percent

  • Brooke Billings

    Brooke Billings

    2020-01-20 21:31:56

    This is not completely true.

  • Michelle Oien

    Michelle Oien

    2020-01-20 21:32:22

    Tbh if you have to ask that question that means you should be having sex in the first place.

  • Keyanna


    2020-01-20 21:32:24

    there is a chance, but im sure youll be fine as long as youve kept up with your pills! plan b is a little expensive but if you can, o suggest getting that for a for sure option.

  • nena cisneros

    nena cisneros

    2020-01-20 21:32:45

    Remember if you stress about the thought that you actually might be pregnant you will start to believe even if your not your body can react as if you are is under a lot of stress so just relax and wait til Lyly know for sure

  • Marcelina Orosco

    Marcelina Orosco

    2020-01-20 21:34:21

    If you’re worried you should take a test to be sure. The pill is less effective if you missed a day or 2.

  • Michelle Oien

    Michelle Oien

    2020-01-20 21:36:16


  • anna anson

    anna anson

    2020-01-20 21:37:15

    You can still get pregnant while on the pill, nothing is 100% certain to keep you from getting pregnant. I recommend either taking a test or going to your health clinic.

  • Cheyenne Mccraw

    Cheyenne Mccraw

    2020-01-20 21:41:12

    You can still get pregnant

  • Art master school of art 8624pb

    Art master school of art 8624pb

    2020-01-20 21:43:53

    Get a test

  • Lauren Blanchard

    Lauren Blanchard

    2020-01-20 21:43:53

    Depends how long you’ve been on the pill, also you can still get pregnant while on the pill it’s slim but it can still happen especially if you’re not taking them every day.
    You can wait till you see if you get your period. But sometimes your pill stops you from having one so best of luck.

  • Morgan Cataquet

    Morgan Cataquet

    2020-01-20 21:48:02

    Everyone’s body is different. I may not be 100% correct on my previous comment but if your period is late take a test or make an appointment with your doctor to be on the safe side .

  • Brooke Billings

    Brooke Billings

    2020-01-20 21:51:39

    Some of you guys really need a sex education class. And the balls to ask your doctor about some of this stuff. Lord. Smh.

  • Sierra Lavalley

    Sierra Lavalley

    2020-01-20 22:31:10

    Yes I got pregnant on the pill

  • Destany Dougherty

    Destany Dougherty

    2020-01-20 23:11:51

    yes but it is super rare

  • Kellzs Kellzs

    Kellzs Kellzs

    2020-01-20 23:31:39

    Honestly I’ve done that before and I’ve never gotten pregnant so I dont think your pregnant

  • Samantha Schuck

    Samantha Schuck

    2020-01-20 23:32:29

    Yes but it is a 10:1 % so very rare

  • Ouida Lebert

    Ouida Lebert

    2020-01-20 23:47:47

    Take Plan B

  • Shayna Hazel Flores

    Shayna Hazel Flores

    2020-01-22 19:36:04

    Do you take your BC religiously ?

  • Raven Fontenot

    Raven Fontenot

    2020-01-22 19:36:18

    It’s very rare

  • Amanda Joy Turpin

    Amanda Joy Turpin

    2020-01-22 19:36:35

    Pretty much slim to none , as long as you were taking your pill regularly and not taking any addition medications

  • Teionna T.V

    Teionna T.V

    2020-01-22 19:36:35

    yeah jus take plan b and if that dont work then 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Little One

    Little One

    2020-01-22 19:36:38

    i always have protected sex condom+birthcontrol just to be safe cause if me and my boo ever talk about wanting babies then we’ll risk it even on birth control then stop birth control. sounds stupid but it’s being safe

  • Princess Lex

    Princess Lex

    2020-01-22 19:36:39

    This is so crazy I just found out yesterday I am pregnant I am 17 and my boyfriend is 19 I don’t know how to tell my mom

  • kei kei

    kei kei

    2020-01-22 19:37:02

    if you take your birth control like you’re supposed to , then you should be fine. And if you aren’t ovulating you might be okay. 🤞🏾 good luck

  • Jacquia Raejene Smith

    Jacquia Raejene Smith

    2020-01-22 19:37:03

    Yes it is still a chance because no birth control is 100% but it’s a slim chance

  • Faith Kelly

    Faith Kelly

    2020-01-22 19:37:09

    I was on the pill for a year and got pregnant

  • jullissa rose

    jullissa rose

    2020-01-22 19:37:35

    It is possible to get pregnant while on birth control I have so you have to be very careful because it is not a 100% accurate

  • Sierra Schmitt

    Sierra Schmitt

    2020-01-22 19:37:43

    I would take plan b but also keep an eye for the signs

  • Jakhia Gallashaw

    Jakhia Gallashaw

    2020-01-22 19:38:29

    I don’t think so

  • Cortney Urichuk

    Cortney Urichuk

    2020-01-22 19:38:44

    I would say buy a outfit and get an ultrasound picture and give it to her as a present saying ur goin to be a nana or grandma

  • jade jefferson

    jade jefferson

    2020-01-22 19:38:53

    Plan B just in case

  • Jenell


    2020-01-22 19:39:41

    Your okay if you take it everyday at the same time

  • Kristen Avery

    Kristen Avery

    2020-01-22 19:39:53

    I had the IUD and had unprotected sex loads of times, but all it took was me and my boyfriend having sex thinking we would be fine and I got pregnant. Found out too late and I had the IUD scheduled to be removed and I had a miscarriage a few days before that. So it just depends really

  • Jennifer Delvalle

    Jennifer Delvalle

    2020-01-22 19:40:40

    The pill is about 90% affective and in some cases some women are in that 10% of getting pregnant. Doctors always advise that you try not to forget your pill as it’s most affective when taken everyday if you forgot and he came in you there’s a chance you could be pregnant im on the pill and I do forget sometimes I’ve had pregnancy scares before but I’ve never turned out pregnant and I still forget sometimes if it’s been a couple days since the incident take a plan b if it’s been more than a week or two take a pregnancy test to be sure and not worry yourself

  • Samantha Hamlin

    Samantha Hamlin

    2020-01-22 19:41:09

    The only form of birth control that is 100% affective is abstinence. You can get pregnant when on the pill, even if you are not on antibiotics (but they do make it even less affective). Best advice I can give is not to freak out because that will make your period late from stress. Wait until you are about a week late and take a test. Probability of being pregnant is low because of birth control, but still very possible. Unfortunately, you just have to wait and see.

  • Princess Lex

    Princess Lex

    2020-01-22 19:41:37

    My boyfriend and I are currently living with my mom I’m worried she will kick us out we’re working on trying to find jobs I’ll keep your idea in mind

  • Jennifer Delvalle

    Jennifer Delvalle

    2020-01-22 19:43:13

    Also it’s said that 1 out of 100 women become pregnant on birth control so I doubt you could be but just take a test to make sure

  • Kristen Parker

    Kristen Parker

    2020-01-22 19:46:28

    I doubt you are, just wait two weeks to be exact and take a first response they detect the earliest , the hospital won’t find you pregnant until you’re about 6/7 weeks so go with first response pregnancy tests

  • Sophie Grimes

    Sophie Grimes

    2020-01-22 20:23:33

    It is very possible and even more so if you aren’t taking your birth control like you should. I got pregnant twice on the pill. I had my first at 17 tho and it wasn’t so bad. My family was mad because they had a lot of hopes and dreams but once they saw I wasn’t backing dale on what I wanted they became very supportive. Also side note the plan B only works up to 72 hours after unprotected sex so don’t bother wasting your money on it. Best of luck and if you need anyone to talk to I’m here. I’m 21 with 2 kids of my own, a step son, and I have custody of my niece. I have been where you are and can probably help you.

  • Gloria Gonzalez

    Gloria Gonzalez

    2020-01-22 20:36:41

    Yes definitely you can,

  • Rachel Chavers

    Rachel Chavers

    2020-01-22 20:37:37

    Just remember that plan B won’t do anything if you’re already pregnant. It’s not an abortion pill. It will not harm an existing pregnancy!

  • Cassie Burton

    Cassie Burton

    2020-01-22 20:37:40

    Not true. My doctors office found out I was pregnant at only 3 weeks 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ashley Kelly

    Ashley Kelly

    2020-01-22 20:37:43

    There is always the possibility, if you take your birth control at the same time every day, you are less likely to get pregnant but still that small chance, if you are supposed to start in a few days you might get a test, there are some that test up to 5 or 6 days sooner. Clear tested my pregnancy 3 days before my period was supposed to come

  • Martika Dominguez

    Martika Dominguez

    2020-01-22 20:38:13

    It’s possible yes but your birth control can also change your period at any time. I was on the pill first and made me go insane as well as the shot. The only one that worked for me is my Nexplanon implant and my periods are all sorts of whack since being off. I wouldn’t be worried but if it’s at least 2-3 weeks late then I would take a test or talk to your doc.

  • Racheal Gross

    Racheal Gross

    2020-01-22 20:40:29

    Don’t stress and take a pregnancy test if your period doesn’t show up! I was young once and it’s great that your on birth control but it isn’t always 💯 so you also need to make sure to use condoms. Good luck all the best wishes your way!

  • Kristen Parker

    Kristen Parker

    2020-01-22 20:42:08

    @Cassie Burton : well down here in rockingham nc our hospital sucks I’m just speaking from experience. First response gave me results four weeks before the hospital could

  • jullissa rose

    jullissa rose

    2020-01-22 20:43:56

    I was on the implant for a year and got pregnant and almost bled out to death because it shifted or was not in the tight place so I was in a lot of pain and was bleeding for 3 months non stop

  • Maddye McCowan

    Maddye McCowan

    2020-01-22 21:03:11

    I got pregnant on the pull and I had him when I was 16

  • Cortney Urichuk

    Cortney Urichuk

    2020-01-22 21:23:18

    Def let me know how it goes when u guys do tell her hopefully she won’t be mad and be excited about being a nana if she’s mad it won’t last long cause they always tend to turn around and get excited about a lil baby coming

  • Julissa Romero

    Julissa Romero

    2020-01-22 21:36:38

    Yes there’s a chance u can be pregnant birth control pills aren’t always something you can rely on u should take a plan b if it wasn’t too long ago but definitely go see a doctor

  • Kayy Tommiyea

    Kayy Tommiyea

    2020-01-22 21:43:13

    If Your Cycle Doesn’t Start Until A Few Days From Now It Would Be Best To Wait &’ See If Your Period Comes... It’s Hard To Know If You Are Pregnant Or Not If You Haven’t Had A Missed Period... Best Of Luck To You!!

  • isabella tran

    isabella tran

    2020-01-22 22:35:46

    yes but don’t worry , just wait till you have ur period then worry

  • gaby folgar

    gaby folgar

    2020-01-22 22:37:18

    As long as you’re on the pill and you take a Plan B you should be fine you should be getting your period

  • Sandra L Hernandez

    Sandra L Hernandez

    2020-01-22 22:37:46

    I think everyone’s body and their reaction to the pills is different, I was on the pill for 7 months and never used protection and didn’t become pregnant, I only became pregnant 2 week after coming off the pill. I would say to just wait and see

  • Sheleah Sheppard

    Sheleah Sheppard

    2020-01-22 22:54:34

    There’s a possibility but you should be good

  • ivy thornberry

    ivy thornberry

    2020-01-23 02:38:48

    Everything will be okay.
    The pill works 99.9% of the time.

  • brooklyn matney

    brooklyn matney

    2020-01-23 02:41:14

    I need some advice for myself I’ve been off my pill for a while now and have been having sex regularly including on my ovulation days. My periods suppose to start in two days I went to the er last night for other reasons and was told I had a uti. My stomach is killing me, I’m cramping so bad and throwing up. The doctors said nothing about being pregnant, could all this just be the uti? If I was pregnant the doctors would’ve caught that right

  • Xbectega17


    2020-01-23 15:18:07

    I was on the pill for 2 years and still got pregnant

  • Laurel Matthews

    Laurel Matthews

    2020-01-28 17:33:16

    I was on the pill and I’m now 5 weeks pregnant

  • Vanessa Turowski

    Vanessa Turowski

    2020-02-07 10:31:43

    I was pregant on the pill unfortunately I lost it at 5 week. I would just get checked incase x

  • Jessica Aram

    Jessica Aram

    2020-02-07 12:15:55

    There's always a chance on any contraception. Don't panic about it until you acc have to x

  • Deborah Eck

    Deborah Eck

    2020-02-07 15:13:31

    wait until the baby comes then name it what went wrong 🤣

  • Demetry Smith

    Demetry Smith

    2020-02-07 15:13:49

    it's unlikely but I would take a test just to be sure

  • bunnies are my life

    bunnies are my life

    2020-02-07 15:14:26

    take a test if u miss ur period

  • Ashley Berry

    Ashley Berry

    2020-02-07 15:15:44

    you should be alright. both my boys however are birth control babies. so just wait for your cycle to start and go from there.

  • Shedezwa Jackson

    Shedezwa Jackson

    2020-02-07 15:15:59

    Everyone's body is different. I have been on every type of birth control. Taken as ordered I got pregnant on every method used.

  • Taylor Leigh

    Taylor Leigh

    2020-02-07 15:16:46

    yes u can if you don't take it everyday if you don't take it and have u protective sex yiy have a higher chnace to get pregrabt then taking the pill everyday

  • Blu Raine

    Blu Raine

    2020-02-07 15:17:43

    It is possible but as long as you keep talking your pills it should be fine. I was on birth control once and I never got pregnant but then again he always pulled out... either way don't worry just take a pregnancy test in a couple weeks to be sure.

  • Nevaeh Custer

    Nevaeh Custer

    2020-02-07 15:38:44

    stop taking the pill and you will get pregnant

  • Nevaeh Custer

    Nevaeh Custer

    2020-02-07 15:39:43

    stop talking all toes pills and you will get pregnant just keep trying

  • Marissa Brailey

    Marissa Brailey

    2020-02-07 15:41:23

    I dont think so... there is always a chance of pregnancy even on the pill, I would only be worried if you were late on your period

  • Candice Goldsmith

    Candice Goldsmith

    2020-02-07 15:44:22

    you can still get pregnant on the pill but don't worry. if you period doesn't come on after a week then get a test and go to your obgyn

  • Hannah Minnich

    Hannah Minnich

    2020-02-07 15:49:59

    Yes. You absolutely can still get pregnant while on the pill. My mother had been taking hers for years and still got pregnant with me. I had been on the pill for a couple of years and still ended up pregnant with my daughter. It is unlikely, but yes there is still a chance that you could get pregnant.

  • Hannah Minnich

    Hannah Minnich

    2020-02-07 15:51:33

    Actually it doesn't matter how long she has been on it. Even if she has been taking it for a few years, she could still end up pregnant.

  • Stephanie Finch

    Stephanie Finch

    2020-02-07 16:07:18

    It isn't impossible but if you have been consistent with taking your pill, taking it around the same time of day every day, then it is very improbable. Don't stress too much about it because that can affect your cycle.

  • Savannah Dillie

    Savannah Dillie

    2020-02-07 16:13:10

    you should be fine ive been on the pill for years with unpertected sex an have never gotten pregnant from it

  • Cherokee Lili

    Cherokee Lili

    2020-02-07 16:13:44

    I have had 3 pregnancies while on the pill but it is very unlikely just monitor and if you have any doubts see your doctor

  • Cyntia Catchings

    Cyntia Catchings

    2020-02-07 16:14:46

    yes just wait and see If your period comes on .....I just found out I was pregnant because my period didn't come on at all....

  • Tanya Edwards

    Tanya Edwards

    2020-02-07 16:15:52

    yes i got pregnant with my son on the pill. I took it faithfully every day. if God wants you to have a baby you're going to have a baby

  • Yashira Santiago

    Yashira Santiago

    2020-02-07 16:18:15

    Nothing is 100% accurate other than abstinence. But as long as you take your pill the way you need to, don't missed a dose and take the pill at the same time every day you should be okay. When I was in the pill I never had any problems, and never became pregnant. I had unprotected sex as well but the pill never failed me. Now the difference is I am married so whether I get pregnant or not it doesn't matter cause if it happens we both are on the same page on having the baby. Sometimes stress can trigger the period to be late, so just wait patiently and dont over think. Good Luck!

  • Sara Meyer

    Sara Meyer

    2020-02-07 16:37:40

    speaking from experience I got pregnant while I was on the pill with my oldest. I took it everyday at the same time but you should be fine. 1 out of 100 woman get pregnant being on the pill its very unlikely.

  • Jordan Murphy

    Jordan Murphy

    2020-02-07 16:38:57

    I had unprotected sex I was on the pill and got pregnant not after the first time but after multiple times

  • Jordan Murphy

    Jordan Murphy

    2020-02-07 16:39:34

    you should worry unless your period is later

  • chocolate gurl

    chocolate gurl

    2020-02-07 16:50:46

    you sure can. especially if you're taking antibiotics for like a cold or iron pills. ask your doctor. don't let these women on here fool u. my cousin was on the depo shot and get pregnant

  • chocolate gurl

    chocolate gurl

    2020-02-07 16:51:14

    keep plan b just in case

  • Jessica S

    Jessica S

    2020-02-07 16:54:11

    it just depends tbh how long have u been on the pills? do u take them like u should? are u taking any other meds? i was on the pill but i wasnt good at taking them i missed and got pregnant i was 17 and had my daughter at 18 then wound up doing it again and had my second at 19 no birth control is 100 % affective if ur having sex there's always a chance u could get pregnant but everything is gonna be fine u might be pregnant but u might not u should stay calm and take a test if u miss ur period

  • Natasha Smith

    Natasha Smith

    2020-02-07 16:57:45

    you very much can.... I got pregnant with my son on the birth control shot..... I find that mirena works real good

  • Kay Young

    Kay Young

    2020-02-07 17:01:57

    it can happen but it is very unlikely but sometimes if u have a certain medical condition it could disrupt the pill but I mean the pill only lowers the chances not completely eliminate the but I highly doubt it

  • Danny may

    Danny may

    2020-02-07 17:32:55

    take a test

  • Imelda Guerrero

    Imelda Guerrero

    2020-02-07 17:58:40

    yes you can come out pregnant not all birth control is 100 percent sure every woman's body system is different i came out pregnant while being on the pill and now my son is 21

  • Tess Soukup

    Tess Soukup

    2020-02-07 18:14:34

    my boyfriend and I use the pull out method with birth control to be extra safe but just stay consistent taking the pill and DO NOT have unprotected sex if you have to take an antibiotics because it cancels out the birth control

  • pixel seto

    pixel seto

    2020-02-07 18:26:09

    it's unlikely to get pregnant when on pills

  • Destiney Goldstein

    Destiney Goldstein

    2020-02-07 19:08:14


  • Liljjhq YT

    Liljjhq YT

    2020-02-07 19:12:59

    yes you can, matter fact I am a pill baby if you tend to just miss one pill or take it after something where you mess up you have a high chance and even if you are taking it everyday on time you never know because birth control is 99% there has always been that 1% left out because people have gotten pregnant

  • rosalinda martinez

    rosalinda martinez

    2020-02-07 19:14:42

    yes u can!

  • Jennai Lewis

    Jennai Lewis

    2020-02-07 20:27:35

    there is a small chance but i wouldn't worry about it to much for the first 3 months of starting birth control you usually miss your period and if your that worried about it you can always get a test or get a blood test done from your doctor

  • Sarah Stack

    Sarah Stack

    2020-02-12 21:00:28

    There is a small chance you could be pregnant but it’s unlikely. There is things that can cause the birth control not to work like some antibiotics for UTI’s that’s how my brother was born.

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