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I Don’t Know Much About All Of This Yet As I Was Just Added To The Group Hoping Someone Can Help

I don’t know much about all of this yet as I was just added to the group hoping someone can help me here I’m 19 years old and my hcg levels are different and take to my body differently then most (atleast that’s how I learned it and how my mom had explained it my moms levels are the same way) and my last 3 pregnancy I barely even showed on a urine test after 3MONTHS of being pregnant (even urine test at the doctors)
But this time (my rainbow baby) this will also be my first baby on earth🤞🏻❤️
I was having symptoms so I decided to take a test even though it was the “I wish it would show up but I know I’m to early but I can’t wait I don’t want to” sooo I took a test it was positive but faint (at only a month along🤯😳😮) and I was confused surprised but more than anything over the moon excited me and my fiancé (everyone thinks we are having twins that that’s why it showed up on a pee test this early in a visible) so we went ahead and announced to everyone that we were expecting
❤️Due September 14th 2020❤️
* we calculated it with the baby apps*
Which will make me 6 Weeks and 2 days I decided to take more they kept getting darker to a point (I’ve taken over 20 pee test)
I finally decided to go in and get a blood test done it came back today as Negative 😩
My female doctor said it was very possible that it was wrong with my unresolved medical problems and how I explained to her about my levels etc but the male doctor shoved the negative results paper in my face and told me that blood pregnancy test are never wrong that I wasn’t pregnant 😭😭😭...
has this ever happened to anyone before?
How did it go? What’s your story IF it’s similar to mine? Also what is this? Why are my levels like this? Can it be passed down? Can I be pregnant with twins? Anyone out there with twins went through this?

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  • criis Barbosa

    criis Barbosa

    2020-02-06 05:49:47

    I'm so sorry, I've experienced that kind of disappointment.

  • MamaLlama


    2020-03-19 19:39:04

    If you got a negative blood test there’s no way your pregnant with one let alone 2 babys hun. All I can say is believe them when they say it’s negative and try try try one day it will happen ! Your 19 you have plenty of time to get that Rainbow baby

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