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So I Found Out 2 Weeks Ago I Am Pregnant This Baby Number 3 My Is Only 6 Months Old My Oldest Is 3

So i found out 2 weeks ago I am pregnant this baby number 3 my is only 6 months old my oldest is 3 years old me and my fiance are happy but im very emotional this pregnancy and everything gets to me but im im also very worried because I’m high risk because I’ve had 3 miscarriages so every pregnancy the first trimester I’m always extra cautious and so worried but i pray this baby holds on strong!

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  • Terese Brown

    Terese Brown

    2020-02-11 14:57:00

    Wish you a healthy pregnancy~

  • Christine Cece Cheaton

    Christine Cece Cheaton

    2020-05-03 02:48:57


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