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So Far Ive Made It To 11 Weeks Still Having Some Difficulties But Hoping And Praying For The Best

so far ive made it to 11 weeks still having some difficulties but hoping and praying for the best almost to the 3 month mark and im still nervous and scared especially with all the pain im in now just waiting for the results if everything is going alright with my baby from the ultrasound. Some of my family and friends are saying i should quit my job because it may be too much for because i had no issues with my other pregnancies just now while im working idk what to say or do becuase i do need my job and helps me keep my sanity i mean love being at home wirh my babies but sometimes i just need conversations with adults lol

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  • Christine Cece Cheaton

    Christine Cece Cheaton

    2020-01-29 11:03:00

    Congratulations 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Valerie Brown

    Valerie Brown

    2020-01-29 14:51:42

    thank you

  • Nicole Cox

    Nicole Cox

    2020-01-29 22:13:59

    I understand how you feel. I've been on bed rest due to heavy bleeding. Had my ultrasound today and everything is ok but cutting back on hours or taking maternity leave early may be what's best of you can afford to do so. My bleeding started after I got off the clock and scared me so bad. Good luck to you. This is my 2nd pregnancy.

  • Valerie Brown

    Valerie Brown

    2020-01-31 05:28:30

    yeah i am thinking i may have too because my doctor gave me a note for a week off and my bleeding and pain stopped now im working again and the pain has started again and spotting smh ive never had this issue before

  • Dayna Mola Valera

    Dayna Mola Valera

    2020-02-17 15:12:55

    Congratulations! Wish you a healthy pregnancy! I think you should keep your job if you want to. A job and some social life will do good to you although it might be a touch task to balance work and life.

  • Erica Godfirst Gaddy

    Erica Godfirst Gaddy

    2020-02-29 13:58:28

    Do what’s best for you and baby! The job will be there after you have your baby! Just from what you said it seems likes work is what’s causing you to bleed totally up to you but do what you feel would be best. Best of luck

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