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1 Yr Ago Today Was The Day I Had Out 1st Sonogram With Who Should Of Been My Second Child. I

1 yr ago today was the day I had out 1st sonogram with who should of been my second child. I miscarried the week I should of found out the sex of our second child at was another daughter

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  • fairy dust

    fairy dust

    2020-01-31 18:37:49

    I pray Jesus heals your broken heart.. you will meet her again some day

  • Francisca Pienda

    Francisca Pienda

    2020-01-31 20:07:20

    I’m sorry so much

  • natasha dixon

    natasha dixon

    2020-02-04 00:55:50

    I had a miscarriage and I cryed for days

  • Briana Gill

    Briana Gill

    2020-02-04 15:55:16

    I’m so sorry ❤️

  • Christine Cece Cheaton

    Christine Cece Cheaton

    2020-02-06 21:25:53


  • Erika Huerta

    Erika Huerta

    2020-02-09 06:39:00

    I'm so sorry

  • Irayna Taylor

    Irayna Taylor

    2020-02-11 15:39:20

    sorry for your loss i know how it feels believe me your little angel 👼 is looking down on you 🙏🙏

  • Donnajo Stowe

    Donnajo Stowe

    2020-02-18 16:56:17

    I’m so sorry for your loss 😞

  • Mirjana Milosevic

    Mirjana Milosevic

    2020-02-20 07:03:45

    She is an angel and chose you as her mom, but god missed her so much and called her back to heaven. But she is always there, looking at you~

  • Nakisha Flack

    Nakisha Flack

    2020-02-26 20:48:55


  • Terri Thomas

    Terri Thomas

    2020-03-06 16:34:33

    just remember that sweet little being will always be walking with you 💜

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