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Hello. So I'M 15. I Have Been Dating My Boyfriend For Well Over A Year Now And Our Relationship Is

hello. so I'm 15. I have been dating my boyfriend for well over a year now and our relationship is great. this surprised me because I was molested by someone I should've been able to trust from ages 9-12. when I tried to tell (I was 13) my mom called me a liar and I currently still live with the man and it kills me. I never thought I'd learn how to love or trust again but my boyfriend has helped and really opened up my mind.
I became comfortable enough with him to have sex. he always says he wants kids but not anytime soon.
my period is over a week late and we had sex a little less than a week ago. it's not uncommon for my period to be late. but recently my boobs have been hurting really bad and I have back aches.... the back aches aren't unusual before my period but my boobs hurt so much more than usual. im worried I might be pregnant... i know he doesn't want kids. but I wouldn't necessarily be sad.... i think I'd be happy.
what should I do?#HelpMe #AdviceForYoungGirls

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  • brenda campos

    brenda campos

    2020-01-31 07:04:13

    Take a test if your period is late

  • Gaby Garibaldo

    Gaby Garibaldo

    2020-02-03 19:10:18

    When was your last period? And is this the first time you had sex with your bf?

  • Kailey Cain

    Kailey Cain

    2020-02-13 02:38:32

    update: took a test and it was negative.

  • wetheaether


    2020-02-20 07:28:41

    Best wishes to you, sweetie~

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