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8 Bizarre Pregnancy Stories That Are Difficult To Believe

They call pregnancy "the miracle of life." That's all well and fun, but sometimes the miracle of life can be a little...crazy.

1.Grandma Of The Decade

A grandmother’s love knows no bounds. Especially grandmother Kristine Casey, who served as a surrogate for her own daughter. The 61-year old carried her own grandchild and the whole family is doing just fine。

2.There's Labor...And Then There's LABOR

ANY amount of being in labor is too many…but you don’t have to tell that to Joanna Krzysztonek. The Polish mom was in labor for a whooping75 days. The mom laid practically upside down nearly the whole time in an effort to save the live of her “two premature babies after the first of three fetuses growing inside her was born prematurely and died.”

3.Thrill Seeker

Katy, a nurse from Virginia, told about a patient of hers. One thing's for sure. This baby has an excellent career ahead of him as a bungee-jumper:

“On her way to the maternity ward, a mom stood up from her wheelchair and the baby fell right out of her body. He was just dangling from the umbilical cord. We called him the bungee-cord baby.”

4.Once Every Four Years

It’s rare to have a birthday on February 29th, better known as Leap Day. But one Utah mom has given birth to THREE babies on Leap Day…and no, they’re not triplets! Just three consecutive Leap Day babies. The odds were one in a billion!


A woman in Indonesia gave birth to a 19 pound boy. He measured in at 2 feet, so he was basically the size of a regular one-year-old. Yep, at infancy. Yowza!

6.Cleaning And Candy

It's not just the deliveries that can be weird! What about when pregnancy just makes you ACT bizarre?

"When I was pregnant with my daughter I developed what my husband calls a weird form of OCD. Not only did I clean at all times (I'm talking cleaning all floors with a sponge, sweeping the carpets only, and washing walls), but I would line up my M&M's on a platter according to color and would eat each color separately starting with the color that had the least amount. If you ate some or messed up the order that I put them in, I wouldn't eat them until I had lined them up again. I ate M&M's every day, and the sad part is that I have three other children all under the age of 10, so there were always extra hands around to mess up my pattern." 

7.REALLY Unusual Cravings

A lot of women crave specific food when their pregnant…but what about just craving specific smells? Take Amia F. here:

"Craziest thing I was driven to do was have the smell of Clorox bleach with me at all times. Not liquid Clorox, but the old-school powder form. I kept a cup of it tucked in my work desk drawer so it was with me all day. My co-worker even made me a little sachet bag to hang in my car. My doctor said the only thing she could connect it to was nesting. I never ingested it, just had to have the smell with me everywhere I went. I had a very clean house during that pregnancy. Now 12 years later, I still love that smell. And the child? Yup, he's a neat freak."

8.See Into The Future

How about when someone has a premonition that you're pregnant and it’s 100 percent right? How about when that someone isn't even close to you? User jaymelynn85 over at Baby Center has this tale:

“I am happily 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Today my husband got a call from his best friends mom asking if I was okay and really worried about me. She said that she [dreamt] about me all night. That I was pregnant and we went to the gynecologist who was super excited for my news. We haven’t told anyone yet about the pregnancy, so of course my husband said that maybe it will happen in a few months and kinda avoided the denial. The crazy thing is that she is 100% correct. We are friends with my Dr. and she was [ecstatic] with our news.”

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