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So A Few Months Ago I Was 14. I Had A Misscarriage.

Could It have been because Of the Depo birth control shot im on? Before i was ever on birth control i had never gotten pregnant. But with the shot i got pregnant and i didnt know until the misscariage. Can someone tell me why ? Is it the birth control ?

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  • Lindsey Thackerson

    Lindsey Thackerson

    2020-02-21 16:12:42

    No it’s because you are too young for a baby. My older sister yrs ago got pregnant at that age and miscarried. The drs all said it was because she was too young for a baby.

  • Kathy Shunnarah

    Kathy Shunnarah

    2020-02-28 13:07:08

    With birth control you do not get pregnant supposed to help you from getting pregnant

  • Sarah Stack

    Sarah Stack

    2020-03-08 22:47:14

    It most likely did cause it. It’s not because your to young to have a baby there’s girls younger then you that have gotten pregnant. However, they should have taken a pregnancy test before they gave you the depo shot. I was on it for a long time. It’s likely the depo caused you to have a miscarriage

  • Cara Clark

    Cara Clark

    2020-05-03 19:39:08

    you are not too young, I was pregnant at 15, usually birth control helps to prevent pregnancy, it is not 100% that it's completely safe. as for the depo shot, Sarah is correct that the dr should have had you take a pregnancy test, unless they thought there wasn't any need for it.

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