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14 Sex Games For Couples That Will Leave You Hot, Bothered, And Satisfied

Stuck in a sex rut? If you need to spice up your life in the boudoir, then you might want to consider playing some raunchy games to step it up a notch (while putting a notch in the old belt). Of course these aren’t the types of games from your childhood. These are way more fun, and actually a lot less complicated. From dirty DIY games to kinky apps, if you’re looking for a new ideas to explore each other’s bodies, we’ve rounded up the some of the best sex games out there. You’re welcome!

1. Adult Truth or Dare.

This is the NSFW version of Truth or Dare that you played as a kid. For truths, go for the raunchiest sex fantasy you’ve ever imagined, or the hottest place you’ve ever had sex. For dare, consider doing something out of your comfort zone (that you deem safe). This could be doing a strip tease or trying out a new position.

2. Stripper Twister.

Play the game as you usually would, except every time somebody falls, you have to remove a layer of clothing. Tons of flexible positions!

3. Download Kindu.

An app that encourages couples to “discover each other,” this is an ideal app if you have trouble communicating your deepest desires. Download the app, create an account, and once you pair with each other, you and your partner can swipe through over 100 naughty suggestions that you can like, dislike or say maybe to. If you both say yes, it’s a match.

4. Talk Flirt and Dare.

A fun and kinky board game that’s super easy and sexy. Pick a card and answer the question or complete the romantic dare with your partner.

5. What’s Your Fantasy Pictionary.

Get a drawing board and sketch out your fantasy for your partner. If they guess it correctly, then you do it! If they don’t, you can still do it! It’s fun way to let loose and get creative and laugh with your partner before you…know…

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