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Sex After Menopause: Tips And Tricks To Make Every Day A Hump Day

There’s a lot that doesn’t ring true about Sex and the City. Like Carrie’s outrageous closet on her freelance writer budget (I would know) and the romanticization of a toxic male like Mr. Big (yeah, I said it). But something that still holds up is when Samantha (Kim Cattrall), arguably the horniest of the SATC quad, went through menopause, a.k.a. a roller coaster of hormones. Among the many changes of the ‘change‘ is its effect on sexual desire and function, which, whether you’re a Samantha or not, might freak you out. If you’re post-menopause, you might be wondering if there’s still sex in the, uh, city? The short answer: Yes, there’s still sex after menopause. Here’s what to expect.

Does sex after menopause hurt?

Unfortunately, yes, it can. Painful sex and vaginal dryness are common symptoms of sex after menopause. According to Dr. Mache Seibel, MD, OBGYN, and leading expert in menopause, it’s due to lower estrogen levels, “which causes the vaginal tissues to become narrower, shorter, thinner and less lubricated. It basically feels tighter and those changes cause women to require much more time to lubricate the tissues and to feel more friction when having sex,” he tells Scary Mommy. Often the symptoms don’t occur when menopause begins, but start a few years later when the low estrogen levels have had time to allow these changes to happen.

However Seibel is quick to point out that sex doesn’t necessarily need to hurt after menopause. “The tissues of the vagina area are able to respond to local estrogen and regain their more youthful qualities,” he says. “There are also over the counter remedies available as well to increase vaginal moisture such as Replens, which does not contain estrogen.”

Other tips, according to WebMD, include using a lubricant, making time for more foreplay, and probably the best one of all: having more sex.

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