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I Was The Other Woman

I was going through a very hard time in my life. At the tender age of 24, I had been in a toxic relationship for close to seven years. The man I was with did not ever work. He took my money. He slept all day and was up all night playing video games. He used me. He belittled me. He never made me feel good. He was highly jealous, insecure, and any job I ever got for him, he would either get fired or quit within the same week. I was emotionally exhausted and completely lost my shit when my childhood cat died at the age of 17. This traumatic time in my life is where I needed the support of my then-boyfriend the most. But he still kept at his video games, even when I got home in tears and fled to my bedroom. Looking back now, he was simply not on my level.

A few months later, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. I had trouble sleeping. I constantly had a cloud over my head. Weeks spent at work were challenging. It took everything for me to get to work and stay at work — all day — feeling ill, stressed, like something bad was going to happen.

My ex-boyfriend never gave me a break. During this difficult time, I ended up being off work for one month to relax and take it easy. But during that time, he decided he wanted to go back to school. He didn’t have a car or a driver’s licence, so guess who had to drive him, pay for the course, and get all the paperwork done? And guess who quit school a week later because it was too hard to get there on time?

A new year came, and I went back to work. I worked in an office as a secretary, and my manager came to welcome me back at work. He was very thoughtful and understanding. Not much had changed since I had been off for a month — other than a new manager joining our team. He presented himself well and was professional. He was attractive and 11 years older than I was. He was friendly and introduced himself right away, with an odd connection that occured between the two of us, right away.

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