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When Your Sex Toys Are Discovered

It’s hard to identify exactly how many women own/have owned vibrators, but some statistics suggest it’s about 50%. Then again, who really cares about the numbers? For many women, buying a vibrator (or other sex toys) is a step toward taking control of your own sexual pleasure and demanding that you deserve to have a good time in bed, too.

Chances are, you’ve had a sex toy conversation with your close friends. Talking about sex toys can be really weird at first — especially since we don’t live in the most sex-positive society. And it’s awkward scoping out which friends are safe to share your “top drawer secret” with. We all eventually share it with someone, but it’s nerve-wracking when that secret comes out before you’re ready.

In a perfect world, our sex toys would remain private. In a world where we have kids, we have a little less control.

Photo Bomb

Have you ever sent an image that said much more than a thousand words? A close friend of mine did! Back when I worked full time, she watched my kids and would regularly send me cute pictures of him — you know, first-time parent anxiety. And one time in particular, she sent me an adorable picture. But whoops! Her sex toy was visible in the background. It was at that moment I realized we’d be friends for a looong time.

The Dog Ate It

One woman had a particularly hilarious story involving her dogs latest chew toy: “I once plugged mine in to charge, and half an hour later came upstairs to find my pups had taken it off the charger and were wrestling over it.” No, Fido! NO!

A Secret Relief

Chronic pains can be debilitating, but for one person, it made a great cover-up for a special type of massager

“I kept one of my vibrators in a cabinet and it must have gotten knocked around because it started up and it was VERY loud. You could hear it downstairs. I couldn’t figure out what the noise was. When I finally figured it out, you guessed it — the kids were there. Fortunately, it was a bullet vibrator so it didn’t look like a vibrator. I passed it off as some kind of specific massager to help with pain.”

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