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These Are The 3 Words You Should Never Use On Your Tinder Profile

Picking the perfect series of photos on your Tinder, Happn or Bumble photo is already difficult enough - but a new study shows that what you write on your profile is actually just as important. 

Recent research into over 400,000 online dating profiles reveals the words that appeal to both sexes - as well as those that don't.

For men, a woman who describes herself as 'shy' or 'curvy' (can we get a collective eye roll, please?) was the biggest turn-off.

 Women didn't like men who described themselves as 'shy' or 'trustworthy', and weirdly, both men and women don't like the word 'happy' being used in potential partner's profiles, reports Mail Online.

The top three words that did spark interest for men were 'sexy' - time for another eye roll - 'honest' and 'confident.'

Women, on the other hand, are after men that described themselves as 'honest,' 'intelligent' and 'confident.'

 'Humorous' and 'romantic' made the positive list for both sexes, as well. 

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