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People Share The Pettiest Reasons They Didn’t Go On A Second Date

For most, dating is a test run. To find out how compatible you are with a potential partner. Is there that romantic spark? Will my parents like them? But sometimes, regardless of attraction, there will be deal breakers that will just make you say, “Sorry, I can’t do this.”

Users of the online forum reddit have shared their pettiest reasons for not going on a second date. Some justifications will have you cringing in solidarity while others will have your jaw hitting the floor.

For several commenters, dinner seemed to be the common theme for dates gone wrong. One in particular described the deal breaker when his date picked up her phone straight after eating BBQ wings… without wiping her hands.

But another man might have gone one step further: “She ate all the bread you get before the meal arrives. I wanted some of the bread. Deleted her number and blocked her.”


Sometimes it’s not the eating habits that will shut down a dating situation – if you can’t handle how they talk now, we’re not sure that you’ll ever get past it.

One particular user had enough after his date “enunciated every word ending in ‘ing’ with ‘guh’. F***inguh makes me so upset”.

“This person was a perfect storm of mispronunciations that drove me to distraction,” said another member of the online community. “‘Especially,’ ‘something eltse,’ ‘chipolte’ ‘irregardless,’ and ‘pacifically’ all in one date.”

No one wants to be shallow. But sometimes it’s ok to say no, especially when they have a fear of…spoons.

“I noticed she moved it off to the side when food came, and she noticed me noticing. She’s not terrified at the sight of them, but refuses to eat with one, citing the way they feel in her mouth,” wrote one user.

“She said she eats soup and ice cream seldomly with a fork. It was around the time that I was trying to figure out how forky a spork had to be that she said ‘I don’t really want to talk about this anymore’. I tried to move on, but it was in the back of my mind the whole time.”

That’ll do me.

Bread I can look past, especially if they have the looks and personality to make up for it. But I’m sorry, I want to be able to converse with them while smashing Ben & Jerries with an actual spoon.

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