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People With These Jobs Are Most Popular On Dating Apps

This week, dating apps Tinder and Happn revealed the most popular jobs people went for when using the app, and the results are surprising. 

The most popular jobs on both apps were quite different for both men and women, and each app had a significantly different favourite job.

The data from Happn's 400,000 users shows that the 'most-crushed' job for both men and women is a lawyer. On the other hand, Tinder's favourite job for women was a swimming coach and for men it was a flight attendant.

The favourite jobs on Happn tended to fall in the finance, architecture and medicine sectors, whereas for Tinder hospitality, health and fitness were the preferred industries.

Check out the full list of most popular jobs for women:

Compared to the full list of most popular jobs for men:

So it seems that your job might be more or less popular on dating apps depending on which one you're using!

Happy swiping...

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