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Does Loosing You Virginity Hurts ?

I’ve seen comments on Tik tok that it’s the worse pain and I should be scared and that also they cried now im scared is that true :0? Sounds scary

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  • Jasmine Polk

    Jasmine Polk

    2020-02-25 15:43:00

    I don’t believe it hurts to where you cry. It is an uncomfortable pain in the beginning but becomes comfortable over time

  • Alyssa Mingus

    Alyssa Mingus

    2020-03-01 16:14:43

    It will only hurt for a little bit then all you will feel is pleasure.

  • Autumn Rose

    Autumn Rose

    2020-03-11 13:09:04

    I think the reason why people say it hurts is because of how nervous you are.. if you are nervous or uncomfortable you body will know and it will tighten but once you relax and feel more comfortable (also if you 100% turned on) it will loosen. when I lost mine, I was 100% comfortable with my partner and I knew we were both new with everything in that aspect.

  • Beth Benson

    Beth Benson

    2020-04-04 14:00:39

    you shouldn't have sex until u r ready to

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