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5 Sex Positions That Will Stimulate Your G-Spot

You’ve probably heard about the G-spot, a part of the female anatomy that is said to produce orgasm after orgasm.

Named after the German gynaecologist who discovered it, Ernest Grafenberg, the G-spot is said to be a walnut-sized patch of tissue located at an upward, curved angle inside the vagina, near the back of a woman's pubic bone. You can find it by inserting two fingers into a vagina about two inches in and making a beckoning, "come here" motion.

Throughout history, G-spot orgasms have been widely considered the holy grail of orgasm. But it’s a complex area that has spawned a great deal of misinformation. In fact, the G-spot might not even exist in the first place — or at least, it might not exist in the way we've traditionally thought of it.

Most people think of the G-spot as an individual organ. But recent research suggests that it actually may be a part of the clitoris. Basically, the clitoris is a lot larger than you think it is: the clitoral glans (the part you can see) is about two centimetres long, while the entire internal structure of the clitoris (including the wings and the bulbs) can extend up to five whole inches inside the vagina. The actual location of this area differs from woman to woman, which is why it may be so difficult to find.

It's also worth noting that most women can’t get off from penetration alone. According to some studies, anywhere between 75 and 80 percent of women require some form of clitoral stimulation to get things going.

That said, most women do find vaginal penetration combined with clitoral stimulation incredibly pleasurable. Here are a few dynamite sex positions that are great for stimulating both the clitoris and the elusive G-spot (whatever it may actually be).

1. Lifted missionary.

Missionary is a good position for many women because it takes off the pressure to perform, giving you the chance to focus on your own pleasure. The problem? In missionary, there isn’t a lot of space to reach the clitoris. The fix: place one or two pillows underneath your butt. You can also use a pillow designed specifically for sex like the Liberator wedge ($79.99, buy it here).

Known as the coital alignment technique, this move does two magical things: It allows you to grind your external clitoris against his pubic bone, and it gives him an upward angle to better provide internal stimulation. Talk about a game changer.

2. Flat doggy-style.

Doggy style is super hot. To improve the chances of having an orgasm, lie flat on your stomach. This gives him the ability to go even deeper with penetration, allowing the head of his penis to more easily curve toward the inside of your vagina.

To amplify the position further, use your favourite wand vibrator for a double ride. Opt for something larger, such as a Le Wand ($170, buy it here) underneath you for a double ride. You’ll get the clitoral stimulation you need, as well as intense internal pleasure. Add a pillow under the hips if you have any lower back pain.

3. Sit to stand.

Lie at the edge of the bed with your butt as close to the end as possible. Have your partner stand next to the bed and enter you. You can either put your legs around his waist or over his shoulders, whichever is more comfortable. In this position, he’ll be able to thrust deeply while also stimulating your clitoris. This is a great position to bring in a small vibrator like the Fin finger vibe ($79.95, buy it here). You can also try putting a pillow underneath you to tilt your pelvis upward for optimum internal stimulation.

4. Oral sex at an angle.

The real issue with internal stimulation is that the G-spot is located at an upward angle, behind the pubic bone region. This makes reaching it with a penis difficult.

To optimise your pleasure while he simultaneously provides clitoral stimulation, try using a G-spot wand during oral sex. We love this stainless steel wand from NJoy ($129.99, buy it here), which is specifically designed to reach that nerve-rich area in the vagina. Combine this internal stimulation while you get him to draw circles around your clitoris with his tongue. Neither of you will be disappointed.

5. Open-legged spoon.

This take on the classic spoon position gives you that Sunday morning feel of lazy sex while simultaneously giving you the opportunity to lie back and focus on your pleasure.

Lie on her back while your partner lies under you on his side. Get him to enter you at a perpendicular angle. You should be able to drape your knees over his side. Then, spread your knees so he has access to your clitoris. This is a fantastic position for both deep penetration and external clitoral stimulation. The combination will have you begging for more.

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