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This Is The Person 62% Of Women Secretly Want To Cheat With

If your partner is going to be unfaithful, she won’t be straying too far from home, according to a new study.

Quizzing more than 800 subscribers in a survey, adulterous website Gleeden found 62 per cent of women have fantasised about cheating with their neighbours.

Guys have something similar going on: 71 per cent of us are still hanging onto our childhood fantasy – sleeping with the girl next door, literally.

Interestingly, the extra-marital matchmaking site found 31 per cent of their female users had already had an affair with a neighbour.

Sixty-one per cent were one-night stands, while 14 per cent lasted several weeks. Six per cent took part in extended affairs with the guy next door.

If you ever see your European neighbour mowing the lawn without a shirt on, you might have reason to be concerned. Here are 4 crazy signs she could be doing the dirty on you.

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