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Is Liquid Confidence Stopping You From Picking Up?

Down your drink, muster the courage and approach the girl you've been eying all night. Actually, maybe don't finish that drink, says a new study.

While it's well known that several shots can have you walking sideways and slurring your words, just two drinks can make you a creep according to new research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The research, which included 49 blokes in their 20s, tested the effects of just two alcohol drinks on their judgement. Twentynine were given two alcoholic beverages while 20 were given a placebo. The group were asked to rate photographs of 80 undergraduate women dressed for a night out on the town. 

"The women's photos were previously rated by an independent panel on how much warmth, good-naturedness, friendliness, competence, intelligence, confidence, and attractiveness they exuded," wrote the study.

The report found that in an situation fuelled by alcohol (as little as two drinks), women who ranked higher in attractiveness were often sexually objectified straight away.

"The sum of these results support the notion that being perceived as high in humanising attributes, such as warmth and competence, or being average in attractiveness provides a buffer that protects women from sexual objectification," says lead researcher Abigail Riemer. 

"Environments in which alcohol is present are ripe with opportunities for objectifying gazes. Adopting objectifying gazes towards women leads perceivers to dehumanise women, potentially laying the foundations for many negative consequences such as sexual violence and workplace gender discrimination."

You don't need adult cordial to be confident. Work on yourself and you'll have faith in yourself. Then, check out the 20 pick-up lines that actually work.

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