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Almost Half Of All Women Are Turned Off By Guys Who Do This

Long legs, white teeth, round ass - when it comes to choosing the perfect partner, everyone has a checklist of preferences. 

While most guys love a woman who's well groomed all over, the same can't be said for women: a Women's Health study has confirmed that a whopping 49.5 per cent of women consider guys who shave a specific area "weird."

And no, it's not where you're thinking - it's your legs.

While this is potentially horrifying news for swimmers, cyclists and gym junkies looking to get in touch with their feminine side, don't fret - the survey provides hope. 

28.5 per cent of respondents answered, "I don't like clean shaven but I do appreciate a man who trims leg hair down," with the final 22.2 per cent of women answering, "It's awesome, I love a man with clean shaven legs."

What do we take from this? Men, perhaps the razor is best kept on your cheeks. 

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