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Women Aren'T Better At Multitasking Than Men, We'Re Just Working Harder

Women are natural-born jugglers.

Between managing jobs, households and children, we wear many hats in our daily lives - chauffeur, personal assistant, chef, cleaner - and we have an innate knack for multitasking. It’s the only way to know how to get things done. 

However, according to a new study, we’re no better than men at tackling more than one task at a time. 

Conducted by two university psychologists in Germany, the study tested a group of 48 women and 48 men to analyse gender differences in task-switching (sequential multitasking) and dual-task (concurrent multitasking).

Surprisingly, the test found that there was no significant gender difference across these tasks, indicating that women and men performed equally well in multitasking situations. 

However, the test did yield an interesting finding. It concluded that multitasking in general substantially impacted performance across all experimental conditions.

The take-away? Doing one thing at a time is more efficient and effective.

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