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"I’d Like To Be Able To Sext Without Getting Myself Into Strife. Any Advice?"

The standard dick pic is old news, and while dirty words are a reliable lubricant when delivered in person, you need to be more forward-thinking with your sexting to stand out from the crowd.

Viber and even WhatsApp are good options for voice clips, but Snapchat is still the best way to get visual in a secure way, with the obvious downside being that you can’t save any replies to enjoy at a later date (unless you’re a filthy screengrabber).

If you’re in need of a partner to begin messaging then opt for MeowChat. This tool is like the lovechild of WhatsApp and Tinder.

It lets you instant-message contacts and hook up with new people all in one place. Consider it an online bar, if you will.

Happy sexting. Stay safe.

Q: I’m in a long-distance relationship and phone sex just about gets us through the week. Are there any fresh ways we can crank it up a notch?

Distance can be a powerful aphrodisiac, and having an ocean between you is actually a sure-fire way to strengthen your relationship, a study from Canada’s Queen’s University found.

Rather than ignoring your partner’s fifth attempt to get you to take out the bins, in a long-distance relationship you value communication as a way to build up intimacy.

Hence phone sex – though even that has its logistical limits.

For something more tactile, you don’t have to wait until next weekend: Tron-like technology can bring you together.

The Kiiroo is a mind-blowing virtual-reality system designed for relationships just like yours. Classed as a “teledildonic” experience, you put the sleeve on your penis while she plays with the sensation-sensitive dildo. It’s popular with co-habiting partners after the thrill of separation play too.

If time zones are against you, try the latest version of the Fleshlight, which offers pure, personal pleasure but now connects to what you’re watching online for a more bespoke way of treating yourself.

Q: I think internet porn has made me immune to arousal. How can I get my fix a different way?

Start by closing your laptop. Porn can be a healthy part of modern sex, but many find they spend more time sifting through clip after clip than experiencing the more natural (and a lot more gradual) sexual response cycle of arousal, plateau and orgasm.

It doesn’t mean going cold turkey, though. The growing popularity of podcasts has been embraced by legendary porn star Mary Carey and blonde dominatrix Aiden Starr, and a host of others, all of whom have their own shows available live or to download on

It’s a subtle and rewarding way to tune into your arousal. Noise-cancelling headphones may be a worthy investment.

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