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Struggling To Sleep? German Health Insurer Recommends Rubbing One Off

Bored of counting sheep at night? Why not just play with yourself. Yup, thats the advice from a German Health insurer who reckons masturbation could be the cure for insomnia. 

"Masturbation helps you fall asleep,’ suggests Barmer Krakenkasse. 

 ‘If you can’t sleep again, just use your hand to pleasure yourself, or use a toy, then sleep comes all by itself."

The message was first shared to their Facebook page, along with a picture of a vibrator. And a spokesperson confirmed that the post was indeed real.

"There are still issues that are often concealed, although they affect most people," Barmer spokesperson Daniel Freudenreich told Speigel Online

Unfortunately, the post received mixed reactions. Some members of their Facebook community applauded the frankness of their social media team while others suggested this would make them change insurers. 

It's no secret that there are countless benefits to masturbation. Not sure if you should tug one off, here are four reasons to have a solo session. 

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