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This Is How Many Elderly People Engage In Oral Sex

It's the last thing you want think about: the sex lives of the elderly. But damning new research has revealed they're not sticking to vanilla positions such as missionary either. No, they're still getting up to their youthful ways. 

In new research, published in the Journals of Gerontology: Series B, results suggest that 37 per cent of people aged between 62 and 90 are engaging in oral sex. 

Analysing data from the National Social Life, Health and Ageing Project, featuring 884 elderly heterosexual couples, researchers also noticed that couples in stronger relationships were more likely to perform oral sex, especially in the case of males.   

Results also showed, couples were unselfish with most partners happy to reciprocate. 

“Stereotypes exist that most older people are sexually inactive or asexual, and that sex is not important for older people,” says lead study author Hui Liu, a professor of sociology at Michigan State University, speaking Yahoo Lifestyle.

“However, emerging evidence has shown that sexuality remains an important part of life and is key to the quality of life and well-being for many older adults.” Liu explains that she wanted to research the topic because “sexuality in later life is an under explored research area.”

Interestingly, participants reported greater satisfaction from performing, rather than receiving, oral sex. 

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