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New Research Finds 69 Per Cent Of Aussie Women Prefer Holidays To Sex

In news that will surprise next to no one, the majority of women get more excited about the prospect of going on vacay than getting down and dirty.

Digital travel platform Agoda surveyed more than 1000 Australians over 18 to find out what pleasures in life give them the best buzz. The results were pretty surprising:

  • 69 per cent of all women voted for a holiday
  • 13 per cent opted for sex
  • 7 per cent preferred exercise
  • 6 per cent listed a ‘big night out’
  • 5 per cent chose to indulge in a choccie-dipped strawberry

45 per cent of guys also put down an overseas jaunt, although 36 per cent would still rather a romantic romp above all else.

Each to their own, eh?!

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