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So ‘Sleep Divorces’ Are Actually A Thing Now

When it comes to sleeping habits, there’s two very different types of people living among us: those who snore so loud you’d hear it over a Metallica concert and those who look like this at the sound of a leaf dropping two streets away:

So, what do you do if your partner is has an opposing slumber style? Experts believe a ‘sleep divorce’ could be the ultimate solution.

Essentially, the term refers to couples who have separate bedrooms purely in an effort to max their chances of shut-eye. Yup, it might sound extreme. But according to a new study, 30.9 per cent of adults in the US are totally on board with it.

Case in point: Erica Scoville. Prior to implementing the arrangement, her husband’s body heat and snoring were constantly leaving her tired, irritable and cranky come morning.

“It’s important for people to remember that sleeping together doesn’t always save a marriage any more than sleeping apart ruins a marriage,” she told TODAY.

“It’s sleep and sleep is really important to everyone. But even more important than that is loving each other enough to try something that makes life a bit easier for your partner.”

New York couples therapist Tamara Green totally agrees. In fact, she claims to have witnessed first-hand how sleep divorces can save love lives.

“It’s absolutely still possible to maintain a good sexual connection,” she told the publication.

“They get enough rest and they feel like they are able to hear each other out and get their needs met.”

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