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This Is Exactly What Women Want You To Tell Their Vaginas To Make Them Wetter

Talking dirty during sex is always hit and miss. Your previous experience with porn would lead you to believe that keeping it rough is the answer. But now, on the online forum Reddit, women have finally revealed what they want you to say to their vaginas.

According to the female users, when you're going down on them, they want you to tell them how good they taste. The consensus was unanimous. All participants agreed that being told and shown that you found their vagina delicious made them wetter and more turned on.

On the other side of the spectrum, women also agreed that they feared their partner wouldn't take well to the smell of their private part.

User pssssteel made it loud and clear that she loved the idea of a man appreciating the flavour: "I love it when guys suck/lick my wetness off their fingers. I like being told i taste good, but i love being shown that i do even more."

niffygifty7 couldn't agree more: "Absolutely. There is nothing that can make a girl cum harder or faster than knowing her guy is down there, loving everything about what is happening. The taste, the sounds, the appearance, everything. The more compliments you receive while being pleasured, the more comfortable and confident you are, the better the experience/orgasm."

Other redittors were quick to jump in and agree, suggesting they "love being told this" and "Uh, hell yes. Tell me i taste like ambrosia and i'm yours forever."

Meanwhile other women were happy to settle, itsjustmeandthedog just wanted to know she didn't smell bad: "Or that i don't have a taste. I'm meticulous about my hygeine. I want him to have a pleasant time while he's down there so i can get his review of my vag before he posts it on yelp."

Now you know what to say during oral if you want to make the twice as wet and orgasm twice as fast

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