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This Is Officially Considered The Biggest Relationship Deal-Breaker

Love is blind – that is until your S/O’s super irritating habits start to shine through (looking at you, empty toilet roll holder AND dirty socks on the bathroom floor.)

Sure, not everyone would consider these total deal-breakers, but there is one attribute that seemingly gets most of our goats: 

Poor cleanliness. 

According to a relationship compatibility survey carried out by YouGov, seven in ten Brits admitted they would feel uncomfortable being with somebody who cared a lot less than they did about being “clean and tidy.”

That being said, only 21 per cent would consider this a dump-worthy offence.  

Along with disparities in attitude (ie. easygoing vs. uptight), a lack of intelligent conversation was found to be a point of contention, with 53 per cent listing this as a turn off. 

But it turns out even the smartest among us, aren’t immune: 20 per cent said they would be bothered by their partner having higher IQ than them.

Perhaps the most surprising of all the findings is this: the same levels of cleanliness, intelligence and attitude were all found to be more important qualities to have in than sex drive, humour, money and ambition.

Yeahhhhh, jury is out on this one.

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