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A Pompeii-Preserved Man Has Broken The Internet For One Obvious Reason

Photos of a man preserved in Pompeii ruins have gone viral over the weekend because he appears to have died mid-masturbation.

The remains of 1500 people were found at the site of Mount Vesuvius from 79 CE and whilst other people look like they’re holding onto their loved ones, this man looks like he’s holding onto his ‘loved one.’

People have been speculating as to what he was actually doing, although one thing is for sure, he’s grabbing onto his crotch region.

Some think that he knew his death was ‘coming’ so instead of running, he’d end it in the best way possible. Hey, an orgasm can relieve pain...

Other Twitter users believe that he was only trying to save his downstairs region.

Sadly, we will never know the truth behind why this man was holding onto his penis, but we can only hope that he was in a happy place.

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