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A Healthy Sex Life Could Be The Key To Career Success

There are a tonne of well researched ways you can advance your career and enjoy your workplace. Morning coffees, office plants, building a great culture… they all equal workplace happiness according to the experts. And in new research, happiness at work could actually begin in the bedroom.

A new study released by the Journal of Management has found that job satisfaction, productivity and general attitudes in the workplace were all increased in individuals who had sex the night before work.

The results are “likely a function of both dopamine and oxytocin triggered by sexual activity,” said Keith Leavitt, co-author of the study and associate professor at Oregon State University. “Individuals report feeling a greater sense of self-control and focus the next day following sex.”

Leavitt’s study observed 159 full time worker, all in committed relationships or marriages, and asked them to take measurements 3 times per day relating to their mood, productivity, and sexual activity.

“Individuals report feeling a greater sense of self-control and focus the next day following sex,” said Leavitt.

Based on the results, it seems that job satisfaction and sexual health were also cyclically linked. Having a bad day at work meant that employees were less likely to have sex that night, therefore impacting their performance at work the next day.

How do you break the cycle? It seems a good night in bed may be the key!

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