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This One Trait Is The Key To A Successful Relationship

Are you and your love meant to be? If you share a sense of humour, you just might be, according to U.K.-based dating coach, James Preece.

According to Preece, a shared sense of humour is the No. 1 trait a couple must share for long-term success. “When this is in alignment, you'll be able to see the funny side of most situations and generally be more relaxed about what life may throw at you. Any arguments can be diffused and you'll appreciate each other much more,” he told the Daily Mail.

Not just any sense of humour will do though. Preece added that in order for your relationship to work to its fullest, you and bae have to share what’s known as an “affiliative” humour.

“This is the the type of humour that boosts happiness, well-being, and brings people together. It's all about finding common ground with shared stories and anecdotes,” he said. “When you can both laugh about things together then you'll naturally bond and be a stronger couple.”

Admittedly, the science behind this is shaky. That said, while there's no real formula for the perfect relationship (though it'd be great if that existed!), laughing more together certainly can't hurt.

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