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Ryan Reynolds Jokes About How Much Sex He'S Having With Blake Lively

Considering his schedule is jam-packed with Deadpool commitments and trolling other A-listers on twitter, you'd be forgiven for thinking he doesn't have much time to get down and dirty with wife Blake Lively. 

Speaking to Ellen, Reynolds opened up about his sex life...well sort of. 

When quizzed about his eldest child, Reynolds duly responded with, "that happened from sex...just, fyi."

The exchange didn't end there.

"So, you've only had sex twice ( the number of kids Reynolds and Lively have)?" probes Ellen.

"Just the two times, yeah," jokes Reynolds. "Yep, it's a mercenary job so y'know. It' just clinical."

But it seems the former Van Wilder star is planning a lot more action: "hoping for a third (child) soon! They say you need to do ten thousand hours of anything you want to be an expert at, so..."

God, he's a lucky man. Check out the full interview below. 

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