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One Thing That Can Make You Better In Bed

Masturbation may have more benefits than we think. Of course, it feels good. It can also ease tension after a hard day, or get you off to sleep when insomnia is kicking in. But what you may not have known is that masturbation can actually make you a better lover. Anna Lee from Lovehoney Australia explains how.

1. It helps us learn what will make us orgasm.

Much like trying Nigella’s ultimate chocolate recipe over and over until you get it just right, masturbation, the art of orgasming and finding out how best to get there, takes practice. Masturbation teaches us what we like and what we don’t like. It puts us in tune with our bodies and makes us feel more connected to ourselves. It’s basically a 3-week intensive yoga retreat for your downstairs bits, but it’s free and lasts a lifetime. How does this help make you a better lover? Well, by learning what you like and how you like it, you’ll be able to better guide your partner to help you achieve it together.

2. A little bit of self love goes a long way.

Connecting with your own body in such a way can have a positive effect on your self-esteem, confidence and body image. You can cultivate an aura of sexuality bigger than Jupiter’s ring which will follow you into the bedroom and inject your sex sessions with a new lease of life. Confidence is the biggest aphrodisiac and your partner will thank you for it.

3. Putting in the hard work helps.

Regular masturbation is vital if you want to keep things ticking over nicely in the bedroom. As we get older, ladies - and gents - we lose muscle tone down below. Working out our pelvic floors with regular masturbation can prevent unwanted woes such as erectile dysfunction and incontinence. It’s not all about prevention though: masturbation and orgasms work to keep her pelvic floor strong and reactive which can feel much better for him during intercourse and conversely, men with strong pelvic muscles tend to have better erectile function.

4. Practice makes perfect.

Arousal begins in the brain, and just like an other muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it gets. The more you masturbate, the more you think about sex and the more you want it. Similarly, the more often you climax, the easier it becomes. Regular orgasms, ahoy!

5. It’ll stop you being surrounded by tissues (the bad kind).

Regular sessions of beating the meat can help to maintain your immune system. Frequent orgasms boost your immune system and keep levels of immunoglobulin A (the immune system strengthening hero) higher, keeping you fit and healthy and ready to f**k. So, as the old adage goes, a wank a day keeps the doctor away and makes you a great lay.

Anna Lee is a blogger and sex toy expert who writes for Lovehoney Australia, the Sexual Happiness People. 

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