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Lessons From Our Favorite Female TV Doctors

Most of us watch TV as a way to relax and escape from real life, but occasionally, important life lessons manage to sneak through amid the comedy and drama. This can be especially true in our favorite medical shows, where you’re just as likely to see a character navigating life and love as mysterious debilitating diseases. From comedies to dramas (and those that straddle the line between the two), our favorite female TV doctors have taught us a variety of lessons over the years — both in and out of the examination room.

Whether it’s Dr. Michaela Quinn’s struggles to be taken seriously as a woman doctor in the Old West in Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman or Dr. Miranda Bailey taking charge of her own health and speaking up when other doctors are overlooking her heart attack symptoms in Grey’s Anatomy, we could all learn a thing or two from these amazing (albeit fictional) women.

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