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Bride Asks Man To Propose To Her Cousin On Her Own Wedding Day (VIDEO)

For most brides, the idea of sharing the spotlight on their special day is horrible. But bride Chelsea Pulse actually pushed to do so. And the result is beautiful.

Pulse encouraged her friend Brett Davidson to propose to Megan Creal (her cousin) in April 2015. It was her idea! Just before the bouquet toss in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, Chelsea handed her flowers off to Megan. Megan turned around and found her beau standing just behind her. The result is pure love.

The bride told Huffington Post:

“When we told [Brett and Megan] the date we had set for the wedding, they mentioned that it was the same day as their anniversary. I couldn’t resist having something special for them on our day. After a couple months of pondering, the idea came to me that he should propose at our wedding! I messaged him about it and he, of course, did not want to steal our thunder. But my husband and I both assured him that would not be the case and that we would be honored to have him do it on our day.”

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Could she be more amazing?

Good on her for realizing that a wedding day isn’t just about one person. Or even two. It is supposed to be about family. And love. Brides who get so hung up on tiny details miss the point entirely. Does it really matter if your flowers are a little wilted or the bag pipes are 10 minutes late?

Too often brides turn their wedding into a huge stress event. But trust me: Once you are in the day, the only thing you care about is your love. And fun, fun, fun. So why not live it up a little and share the day? Why not let someone else in on the fun. The more love, the more love, the more love.

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People who get caught up in being a “princess for a day” totally miss the point of weddings. And possibly of marriage, too. The more people in our village, the happier we are. Congratulations to Pulse for getting the point and sharing her day in a most special way.

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