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What Periods Feel Like, According To The Internet

If you’ve ever tried explaining to a guy, maybe your partner, what having a period feels like, it can leave you feeling a bit lost for words.

How can you adequately explain the mood swings, the cheese cravings, the intense pain and the feeling that your insides are being stretched by some merciless force within you.

How do you explain to someone who just has absolutely no clue? You resort to the internet, of course.

Some women from across social media have been kind enough to explain exactly what it’s like to experience a period. So if you ever find yourself having to explain what a period feels like, just send them this link, it’s sure to clear things up.

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1. It feels like a raptor has made its way into your uterus

Image: Reddit/Androdameia

2. Or like Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding is actually taking place, right now, inside of you

Image: Charliemilana/Reddit

3. Really, being on your period feels like a series of potentially awkward moments

4. Sometimes, having your period means giving in to whatever PMS wants

Image: Traceyh968/someecards

5. There’s a pretty equal ration of tears to blood, too

Image: Period Memes/Facebook

6. Periods feel overly complicated. Why can’t things be simpler?

Image: Blogspot/jokeallyoucan

7. Don’t even think about getting all dolled up — that is likely to end badly

Image: Imgur

8. You kind of want to kill someone who says they are “just cramps”

Image: Blogspot/whatsupdownthere

9. It’s like your uterus hates you

Image: Dreamagnetic Blog

10. Feelings can be uncontrollable and irrational

Image:  Period Memes/Facebook

How would you describe what a period feels like? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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