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Yoga Wardrobe Malfunction

When I took up yoga this year, the first thing I did was purchase two pairs of Lululemon pants. (Just because I was doing yoga didn’t mean that I had abandoned any of my worldly cravings. Quite the contrary. I started plotting what to buy.) One was wide leg, so I quickly delegated them to weekend wear as I didn’t like the way the leg flapped around during an inversion pose like Plow or Shoulder Stand.

What I didn’t buy at the time was a top. The store was low on inventory (just as well, I had splurged enough) so I made do with whatever I could pull out of my drawer. I quickly noticed that nothing worked. Everything was either too loose at the neck so that during Downward Dog I was staring at my bra and wondering who else was at the same time (woo-woo!), or too short (really, I don’t need to treat anyone to a view of my bum in yoga pants). Or too hot. Or too much sleeve. And on and on…

This Goldilocks needed to find something that was ‘just right”but at a good price. Recently, I found it at the Gap. It’s their “Favourite Stretch” T-shirt (pictured). It’s cut long, it has just enough stretch, it doesn’t flap loose at the neck, and it cost less than $20. I bought one in black and one in mauve.

Now, there’s no excuse to come out of Downward Dog after 3 seconds.

Any great buys you can recommend that help to make yoga a pleasure?

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