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Fitness: Video Games Make Your Indoor Workout More Interesting

The freezing temps of Polar Vortex 2.0 are enough to make anyone throw in the towel when it comes to getting active outdoors. And, running in place on an indoor treadmill can get old really fast. So it’s a good thing brands, companies and tech experts are constantly coming up with new ways to keep your workout interesting.

The latest to come across my desk is Goji Play, a mobile game system from interactive fitness company Blue Goji that turns a boring workout into a fun video game. Simply attach the wireless game controllers to the handlebars on your exercise machine, clip on the activity sensor and select from 20 different games using your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch device. Possible games include Smash the Blocks, Blimp Breaker and Into the Dead (where you must keep moving in order to survive the zombie apocalypse).

Bonus: The activity sensor measures your movement to determine the speed of your avatar in the video game (incentive to kick it up a notch!), while also giving added insight into distance covered and calories burned.


What’s your favourite way to make fitness fun?

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