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What Are Some Healthy Lifestyles?

Living healthy includes more than physical health, but it also involves mental and emotional health, you have to designs your life and try to improve and take action in your life to have a healthy lifestyle, there are some major component does are considered to be part of a lifestyle that lead to good health such as eating healthy, quit bad habits…
Healthy living means both physical and mental health in balance or functioning well together in person, in a minute instances mental and physical health are linked, so a simple change in one will directly affect the other so balance is requirable

Tips for a healthy lifestyle

1 the variety of food
a healthy lifestyle means good health, and that you need more than 30 different nutrients, but there is no single food can supply them all, is not about a single meal, it’s all about balanced food overtime that will make a difference, which means more food you eat more healthy you are.
2 diet
Your diet should have plenty of food and carbohydrates, should be balanced between seafood, vegetables, and fruits, about half of the calories in our diet come from foods rich in carbohydrates like rice, pasta, potatoes, and the bread you should include at least one of these at every meal,
Wholegrain foods, like wholegrain bread, pasta, and cereals, will increase our fiber intake.
3 reduce white poison
white poison means salt and sugar, high salt intake can result in high blood pressure and could increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Sugar it is the source of sweetness and the attractive taste,
But we can use fruits instead to make our meal tastier.
Drink plenty of fluids, Eat regularly, control the portion size …

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