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“It Works For Me!” – Andi Petrillo

Andi Petrillo’s first job was working the snack stand at a local hockey rink – now she’s the first full-time female broadcaster for CBC’S Hockey Night in Canada.

Learn a little bit more about her in this month’s installment of ‘It works for me.’

10 words that describe you: Passionate, hot-tempered, empathetic, animal-lover, confident, peaceful, trustworthy, friend, lover, perfectionist.

First paid job: I worked at a snack stand at the local hockey rink.

Dream job: To work on the Olympics and FIFA World Cup

Favourite sport to play: Soccer

Favourite sport to watch: Hockey

Diet: I’m a flexatarian. I try to eat what my body needs – sometimes that means going weeks without meat. And I’m all about local, organic products.

Go-to healthy snack: Greek yogurt with blueberries and almonds.

Favourite food indulgence: French fries

Wine or beer? Wine

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Indoor or outdoor workouts?
Winter, indoors. Summer, it’s all about the outdoors!

Morning or evening workouts? My schedule is all over the map; so are my workouts.

Celeb crush: Kit Harington (Game of Thrones)

Dream travel destination: Iceland

Healthy living philosophy: I have it tattooed on my wrist: Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit.

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