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Learn The Truth About Hymens In Under 4 Minutes (WATCH)

The hymen is probably the most misunderstood part of a woman’s body.

Why? Well, it’s almost 2016 and people still believe that you can determine a woman’s virginity status by looking at her hymen. Spoiler alert: Hymens can break for a variety of reasons, or they can even stay intact after sex.

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This dangerous way of policing women’s bodies is still perpetuated in many parts of the world, and even by the media, and the brains behind CollegeHumor and TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything have rightfully had enough. In their latest video, the crew — led by actress and writer Emily Axford — takes down the myths about hymens in a clever, but still super informative, way.

“The hymen as you understand it is a straight up myth. Our bodies don’t come with built-in virginity detectors, and sex isn’t supposed to hurt’ the first time. This horrible idea is everywhere in our culture,” Axford says.

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She explains that the hymen is less like a “sports banner” that a penis bursts through during intercourse than it is a “balloon arch” that is sensitive and can break during any number of activities, like sports, gaming… anything, really.

Most of all, the video does a good job of explaining that society needs to stop worrying about women do with their bodies, period. “Physically speaking, virginity doesn’t exist,” Axford adds, “and it’s just something we made up to be mean to women — like Entourage.”

Slow clap. Preach, Emily.

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