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Oprah’s Favourite Things Are Here To Make 2018 Your Healthiest Year Yet

Oprah’s Favourite Things are our favourite things!

Right on schedule, Oprah Winfrey just released her famous “Favourite Things” list, and there are a few items that will tickle every fitness fanatic’s fancy.

From the best workout pants on the market to new kitchen tools that will make whipping up delicious and nutritious meals a breeze, the Weight Watchers spokesperson (and owner) really focused on her health in 2017.

And we rounded up our favourite picks out of her favourite picks!

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Get moving

Oprah’s been a fan for Canadian brand lululemon for years, but it looks like she may have found a new pair of pants to practice in. The star is a big fan of Spanx’s workout line, thanking Sarah Blakely for their full-length leggings. The slimming pants are made from “SLIM-X performance fabric that’s lighter than air,” yet still manage to “smooth all over.”

Active Shaping Compression Close Fit Pant, $108 at

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In the kitchen

Whipping up healthy meals is getting a lot easier, thanks to innovative kitchen gadgets like this one. Oprah loves it for its 12 Smart Programs that “help you create everything from salad dressings and smoothies to chopped fruits and spiralized veggie pasta.”

Ninja Intelli-Sense System with Auto Spiralizer, $389 at 

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Dance party

There’s nothing worse than losing your tunes in the middle of a terrific run, but good ol’ Op has found the solution: Beats’ new wireless earphones. According to the star, “These lightweight wireless earphones really put a great-sounding song in my heart. They charge superfast (five minutes will give you up to two hours of tunes), and the magnetic buds cling together, making them easy to keep around your neck.” (Plus, they come in some pretty stellar colours.)

BeatsX Earphones, $180 at

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Fry it up

Everyone loves French fries, but not everyone loves the calories that come with them. Oprah found the ultimate appliance that bakes, broils, toasts and has a built-in air fryer. As she says, “What more can you ask for?”

Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven, $335 at

What do you get the culinary hero on your list? Any of these foodie-friendly prezzies!

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