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Weekly Love Horoscopes: May 9 – May 15

Usually a Venus/Jupiter trine portends good things for romance. It’s the planetary aspect astrologers often see when two lost souls finally mate, a couple is reunited or love saves the day. However, retrograde Mercury will also be in the mix which means that things won’t go so smoothly. In fact, you could face a serious dilemma that pulls at your heartstrings like never before. For instance, an ex might show up right when you’re ready to commit to someone new or you could realize you have feelings for that fellow you always said you can’t stand. Romantic comedies have been built on less. And in fact the best way to treat the planetary energies this week is like a comedy. It wouldn’t be surprising if a tempest in a teapot winds up being much ado about nothing and all’s well that ends well.

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