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Your Name Plays A More Important Role In Online Dating Than You Thought

When it comes to online dating, it’s hard to let your winning personality shine through, especially if you have a name that is not considered sexy.

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Yep, your name makes more of an impression than you may have thought, and there’s a list of names that make the hot list. This information comes from an online app called The Grade, which has a pretty self-explanatory purpose. A lot like school, it grades people — if you get an “A,” then you’ve got a shot, and if you get an “F,” you fail horribly.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the research was conducted on 100,000 heterosexual users, and the app’s website states that the results were “based on incoming like-rate (swiping right).” They also measured which names were most compatible with one another.

Female names like Brianna, Erika and Lexi all top the charts for the hottest female names, while male names include Brett, Tyler and Corey.

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And when it comes to “most matched names,” the top three are Brianna and Sean; Erika and Joe; and Lexi and Chris. For the men it’s Brett and Jessica; Tyler and Jennifer; and Corey and Amy.

It should be noted that those with the “hottest” names are not necessarily the most beautiful and handsome users, but rather their names are the most swiped.

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Below are the top ten hottest male and female names:

The “hottest” female names: 

  1. Brianna

  2. Erika

  3. Lexi

  4. Brooke

  5. Vanessa

  6. April

  7. Natalie

  8. Jenna

  9. Molly

  10. Katie

The “hottest” male names:

  1. Brett

  2. Tyler

  3. Corey

  4. Andy

  5. Noah

  6. Shane

  7. Jeffrey

  8. Rob

  9. Frank

  10. Jeff

It’s interesting research, regardless of how accurate the correlation between hotness and names really are.

Do you agree with this research? Does your name top the hot list? Let us know in the comments below.

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