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7 Types Of Women Men Choose For One-Night-Stands

If you do not wish to be targeted as easy, keep these clues in mind.


t My addiction to big-cat documentaries is getting so intense that I’m beginning to find inspiration from these marvelous animals for my dating life. Cats are such efficient hunters because they waste no energy in the chase.

t Unlike cats, I am a terrible hunter. At bars or parties, I focus on one female and try my luck with her the entire evening, regardless of availability or chances.

t My friend Rob, on the other hand, used to be one of the best bar and party hunters I know. He had a quiet way about him. You’d turn your head for one minute and he’d be gone, deal closed, taking a gal home with him. He epitomized the “sex prowler,” hunter of one-night stands.

t This past weekend, this legend and I were visiting a friend down in Philly. Rob sat on an ottoman, like a wise shaman, pontificating on the many types of women he used to target in his sex prowler days.

t “With some women, you can tell within five minutes if they will be easy targets to get laid,” he said with the tone of a legendary scientist lecturing grad students.

t Obviously lacking in this sixth sense that Rob has, I leaned in for more discussion. Together we came up with a list of “types.” Reflecting upon this list, I realize it’s not only helpful for men who wish to be better sex prowlers, but it is also helpful for women who wish to understand and identify the signs these guys are looking for. If you do not wish to be targeted as “easy,” keep these clues in mind while you schmooze at your next party.

t How a woman portrays herself in those first moments of meeting determines whether a sex prowler will move in to close a deal. Here are seven types of women they look for.



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